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About Us

Not as old as the trees, but our experience in timber dates back to 1978 - making us a maestro of the industry. From the jungles of North-East India, in the late 1970s, to the tropical rainforests in Latin America and the Congo-basin region of Africa now, we have traversed far and wide, across the globe, to bring the very best timber to our customers at the most affordable rates.


Wood Studio brings to you excellent quality and beautifully crafted timber and timber products. From your interior needs to your business or personal requirements, Wood Studio is a one-stop-solution. 


So, when you


Infrastructure :

We employ best in class tools and equipment, in a state of art facility, adhering to the highest professional standards.

Quality Assurance :

We manufacture 100% seasoned and chemically treated timber products that are termite resistant, perfectly finished, exclusively designed, and extremely durable. When it comes to quality, you can rest assured!

Clientele :

​Trust is timeless, so are our clients. For generations, we have been the trusted source of timber for families and institutions in India. We are committed to forging unremitting relationships with all our clients.

We provide all varieties of cut sizes (sawn timber), ply boards, flush doors, flooring, decking and cladding. We also craft solid wood doors and all types of door and window frames.

  • Solid Wood Doors

  • Gurjan Plywoods, Block Boards and Flush Doors

  • Birch Ply and Larch Ply

  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

  • MDF/HDF (Medium/High Density Fiber Board)

  • Teak Wood Lumber: Burma Teak*, CP/Nagpur Teak, Sudan Teak, African Teak (Ivory, Benin, Ghana)

  • Decorative Hardwood Lumbers: Danish White Ash, Belgian Sycamore, French White Oak, German Steam Beech, African Wenge, American Walnut

  • Softwood Lumbers: NZ Radiata Pine, American Southern Yellow Pine, German Sylvestris Pine & Spruce Pine

*Available against advance orders

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