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Solid Wood Doors

Impresses instantly, lasts perpetually

Dense and very durable, these doors come with a solid wood core. Unlike hollow core doors, solid doors can withstand higher degrees of pressure and environmental conditions. These 100% chemically treated and seasoned doors are termite and insect resistant. The high-density wood reduces noise transmission and enhances your sense of privacy and quietude.

We use the belt-sanding system to buff door surfaces, which leaves a lasting glaze and smoothness. The sophisticated elegance of solid wood doors is second to none. We further enhance the beauty of these doors by employing the most advanced finishing processes to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

Suited for both interior and exterior spaces, Wood studio offers affordable premium solid doors with a vast range of designs to best suit your lifestyle and environment.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Choose from a wide range of the best wood varieties worldwide :

  1. African Teak (Ghana, Benin, Ivory)

  2. Sudan Teak

  3. Burma Teak

  4. Southern yellow pine – SYP

  5. Danish white ash

  6. French white oak

   7. American walnut

Features :

  • Visually appealing & stylish

  • Reduces noise transmission

  • Increases insulation and energy efficiency

  • Weather resistant

  • Customized to fit

  • Versatile

  • Perfect for all property types

  • Suited for both interior and exterior uses

Specifications :

  • Standard Thickness – 32mm

35/38/40/42/45/50mm (Against Order)

  • Standard panel – 21mm

27/32/35/38/42/45mm (Against Order)

  • Height (Inches) – 80”/82”/84”/88”/90”/92”/96”

  • Width (Inches) – 27”/30”/ 33”/36”/39”/42”

Doors can be customized on request with a lead-time of 2-3 weeks.

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